Travel more by using NEXUS card!

Every traveling can be pleasant, but you just have to find the right way to make it so. What we mean? – Well, first of all, we would like to point out that it is not about the luxuries hotel, or the beautiful destination – it is about your movement, especially when it comes to traveling abroad!

Probably, you faced with many nerve-racking and unpleasant situations when crossing the border… – Right? And when you are feeling so excited about the upcoming vacation, an experience like the eternal waiting for a custom check can destroy all your ideas for a perfect holiday!

Do not let this happen and take things in your own hands. Or in other words – get a NEXUS card!! Yes, become a member of the amazing NEXUS program and see for yourself that every travel can be just like in your dreams – pleasant, fast and without waiting on the borders!

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To get a NEXUS card is possible if you are citizen of Canada or the U.S. You will be able to use your card when traveling between these two countries, as the only requirement you must meet in order to receive an approval is the absence of a criminal record.

For all families with kids, the NEXUS program offers a special package that will allow you to get faster approval. As opposed to the single application, the family application is much more comfortable and if have a family of 5, won’t be forced to wait for approval too much time (as you probably think).

Enjoy the benefits of NEXUS cards and be always first for a custom check at the airport, when traveling by car, or when crossing the border by boat! Do not miss the chance to become one of the happy members of NEXUS and apply as soon as possible. Be sure that being a holder of this incredible card, every your next travel will be unforgettable and just as you always imagined.

To apply for getting a NEXUS card is even pleasant, while you should follow several steps. They are only 4 as every of them is easy to implement and you won’t meet any difficulties or problems. In short, first you have to fill-in the application for NEXUS and to send it by e-mail. Then and actually the third step is to pay the service fee through the payment system. Finally, your application will be checked and you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours!