How about the NEXUS program?

How about the NEXUS program?

There are many articles telling us that to travel is awesome but in the same time it is completely possible for us to spend some not as pleasant moments…”Which they are?” is probably the question you would like to ask in this moment and we know the answer! The truth is that every trip hides its negative sides and we must be prepared for them – though while organizing our vacation the risks for us are the last thing we think of!

All the emotions we experience before to hit the road are irreplaceable… They make us feel better and just for that reason we must travel often. Everyone knows that during every holiday we spend amazing moments and emotions, so it does not make sense to stop traveling. This is one of the best things we can do for ourselves!

In most cases, we pack-up, buy some necessary things for the upcoming vacation and organize our leave of absence. The last one is also related with the work/office schedule and respectively with the organization of our professional duties! We have to “give” our job temporally to some of our colleagues until we come back at the office! It is not as easy as it probably sounds…


Well, all that is clear for you, but have you ever thought about the way your movement from point A to point B? And here we do not speak about the vehicle we are using, we mean the way you pass every border

But how many ways of crossing the border may exists? Isn’t clear for all of us how to move and how to organize our passing the customs checks as well… Why we have to discuss this topic considering the presence of priority pass and first class? Is there another way for us to travel better?

Yes, there is. It is called a travel pass – nexus and you can use it when traveling between these two countries: Canada and the U.S.! Yes, it is the only way for you to reach some of the above mentioned lands fast, regardless of the vehicle you have decided to use: boat, car or airplane!

If you plan to spend a family vacation or a solo trip, or even an unforgettable holiday with your friends, you can use the NEXUS program. It is amazing program that works for all those travelers who are looking for faster crossing the border, have no time to waste in waiting on the lines and who are ready for everything just to get such a pass! The same people must apply, to get an approval and then to start traveling in a different way of course. They have nothing to lose and know very well what they earn. Do you know about the NEXUS card?

If actually you are aware with the NEXUS program, the NEXUS cards and love to travel comfortable, what are you are waiting for? Go and get your card, but first apply! Apply for approval, for a membership and after that become a happy member of this program. As we already said, you have nothing to lose, so hurry up and organize your next travel to Canada or the U.S. even tomorrow!

How to apply?

In fact, the NEXUS program is maximum facilitate and you won’t face any problems. There are several steps you have to follow before to receive your NEXUS card. But the most important thing you should always remember is the absence of a criminal record! Only if you meet this condition will have a big chance to get an approval. See more here:

Every candidate-member for a NEXUS card has to know that the procedure is not very short. It may take several months before to finally get an approval, but that is not a big deal considering the benefits you will take advantage of in time! Just think about that…

Do not forget about the interview! You have to go through an interview if you want to become a member in the NEXUS program. Still, this a trusted-traveler program that select its members very carefully and precise. That’s why you have to be an excellent and reliable candidate!

Every current member of the NEXUS program has to know that every 5 years he must renew its membership. Yes, the NEXUS cards have an expiration date and you have to know when and how to apply for renewal. Because in case you forget about this very important detail, won’t be able to travel as you are used to! – It doesn’t sound very well, right?

border check

There are again several steps you must follow when applying for renewal. Of course, they are similar like the previous ones and even the same: filling-in the application form, paying the mandatory fee and sending all that by email (for the application form) and by bank transfer. It is not difficult at all!

Every applicant for renewal of the NEXUS card has to meet the same conditions as before: the absence of a criminal record and a citizenship for 3 years in Canada and the U.S. We are not sure, but maybe we missed to mention the second one… But yes, you have to be a citizen in these two countries at least for 3 years!

See way more info for NEXUS renewal here!

In case you need a good option to travel better every time when it is a holiday time for the whole family or only for you, apply for NEXUS! Thus, you will not only travel fast, but will travel more pleasant than before too. Is there anyone who doesn’t want that thing? We do not know such a person, but you?

Actually to travel perfect is very easy. – Especially if you have found the right way. This way is called NEXUS and is available for each of you. Go and get it! Apply today and be a happy traveler every day. Organize every trip with the greatest pleasure and always use the NEXUS program. If you have traveled many times, probably you know what to expect. Enjoy an unexpected pleasure by using the NEXUS cards!

Nexus cards for all the members of your family. See more here!

Nexus cards for all the members of your family. See more here!

The Nexus program is well known to many people. It is amazing way for you to travel with your family comfortable and together with that – very fast. If you do not know how to avoid the long waiting on the borders, but would like very much to do it, the NEXUS program is your solution!! If you often travel between Canada and the U.S., love these countries and would like to visit them together with your beloved ones, the NEXUS cards will help you make this your dream come true!!

As we already told you, the NEXUS program is for all travelers who want to cross the border like a VIP :). And who need a comfort and speed! Actually, we all need these things, but when it comes to family trips, the need of faster crossing the borders becomes huge! If you have kids, will understand what we mean…

And so, let’s assume that you and all the members of the family have NEXUS cards. You travel often and love very much to visit Canada or the U.S. You live in some of these countries and think that to travel between them is great!

If all that we have told you is true and you are convinced that the NEXUS cards will help you move faster, you are right! Probably you know this from your friends, or you have NEXUS cards for a long time and are aware how they work… Whatever it is, have in mind and never forget that every NEXUS card has and expired date and every 5 years you must renew it! Yes, you have to do this if you want to continue traveling as you did before – super comfortable.

See more about Renewal NEXUS card for family!

To renew the NEXUS cards of all the members of your family, you have to apply by filling-in a special family application form (the first step). Then you should pay the fee and finally to await a confirmation. Is not as hard as you probably have been thinking, right?

If you follow all these steps and do not miss any of them, very soon you and your family will have new, renewed NEXUS cards. You will use them with the greatest pleasure because you will already know how they work… You will be aware what advantages they will you bring you and why you must continue use them! Taking account all that, we can say that the NEXUS cards are simply amazing and there is no one who can say the opposite!

Travel to Canada, from US, what to look for?

Travel to Canada, from US, what to look for?

If you are wondering if to travel to Canada, stop doing it and start organizing your trip! Your doubts regarding this amazing land just should disappear, because Canada as a holiday destination is more that gorgeous and if you have the chance to see it, just do it!

This amazing country has unique nature where you can forget about the real world and to get lost into a boundless beauty and wonderful environment… And if you want to see everything that Canada is hiding (nature, sights, cities etc.), then go on a leave for a month and let the tour begin!

Of course, we all know that to take so much time for a holiday rarely is possible, but still you can stay in Canada for 2 weeks and that will be completely enough for you to see some of the most amazing natural treasures that this land is hiding…Canada-travel-holidays

Let’s tell you which some of them are!

Lake Louise – one of the most impressing natural sights you will ever see in Canada… Located near the city of Banff, this majestic lake is the perfect place for you to relax and to get your inspiration from the breathtaking views and powerful energy. With its incredible blue color, the Lake Louise is just like a postcard and we advise to take lots of photos that to remember you for this unrealistically beautiful place!

As we have already mentioned the city of Banff, would like to tell you little bit more about this nice and really charming place…

Well, Banff is a small, mountain town where you can spend many pleasant moments of relaxation and wonderful holiday as well. If you love to watch the beauty of the nature, as well as to walk among picturesque mountains, then the city of Banff is your place!Canada-travel-holidays

Together with the incredible environment you will find in this lovely city, being there you should try the local cuisine, as well as to visit some of the restaurants and the shops – thus, you will get an idea about the local culture of the area…

In Canada there are many lakes and waterfalls that will strike you with its beauty. And although Niagara Falls is the most popular of them, you will be able to see many other waterfalls too: Athabasca Falls, Sunwapta Falls, Panther Falls, Crescent Falls, Bow Falls etc.…

To be on a holiday in Canada is a real happiness because the beauty you will find in the country rarely can be seen somewhere else! Enjoy it!